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Neil before all

23 December 2015

The Lost Ogle, an obscure local social blog in Oklahoma City with approximately 376,000 times as many readers as this place, has put up some ideas for The Ultimate Neil Diamond Mixtape. We of course approve, because (1) we’re Neil Diamond fans of long standing and (2) they didn’t mention “Sweet Caroline.”

That said, we put up a Diamond mix of our own about eight years ago, and we even put “Sweet Caroline” on it, for reasons perhaps best left buried.

Diamond (A Girl’s Best Friend)

1 July 2007

Neil Diamond’s recording career, like Gaul, was divided into three parts: the Big Bang (on Bang Records, natch), the West Coast Incubation (on Decca/MCA’s less-unhip Uni label), and the OMGWTF Period (on Columbia, mostly). The man had dozens of hits, and a fair compilation wouldn’t attempt to squeeze him down to a single CD, but I never said I was being fair. And give Diamond credit: even some of the latter-day stuff has held up pretty well, and the ones that didn’t, well, they didn’t make it onto this disc. The cover photo, which is not called “Thank the Lord for the Knight Time,” derives from an old jewelry-store ad.

Cover art, Wendex 111135-2Track listing for 111135-2 (all tracks by Neil Diamond):

  1. Solitary Man
  2. Cherry, Cherry
  3. I Got the Feelin’ (No No No)
  4. You Got to Me
  5. Girl, You’ll Be a Woman Soon
  6. Thank the Lord for the Night Time
  7. Kentucky Woman
  8. Two-Bit Manchild
  9. Brother Love’s Traveling Salvation Show
  10. Sweet Caroline
  11. Holly Holy
  12. Cracklin’ Rosie
  13. I Am … I Said
  14. Done Too Soon
  15. Stones
  16. Song Sung Blue
  17. Play Me
  18. Longfellow Serenade
  19. If You Know What I Mean
  20. Forever in Blue Jeans
  21. September Morn
  22. Love on the Rocks
  23. Hello Again
  24. Yesterday’s Songs