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Songs for People with Two Ears Revisited

30 December 2011

And after a long spell, another collection of songs that are seldom heard in stereo, with yet another variation on the same cover art. As before, this includes rather a lot of DES — “Digitally Extracted Stereo” — which is essentially fakery, but often really good fakery. A couple of these are sync mixes: the original 45 and a karaoke track fused into a single sort-of-stereo whole.

Note: “Paperback Writer” is routinely available in stereo, but the canonical mix is none too good; this is a remix. And the Doors track is an attempt at duplicating the 45 mix, by cutting, pieceing, and retiming the stereo LP version. I didn’t do either of these myself, so don’t ask me how it was done.

Cover art, Wendex 111147-2Track listing for 111147-2:

  1. The Dave Clark Five: Do You Love Me
  2. Wayne Fontana and the Mindbenders: Game of Love
  3. The Skyliners: Since I Don’t Have You
  4. Martha and the Vandellas: Jimmy Mack
  5. The Beatles: Paperback Writer
  6. Chubby Checker: Hooka Tooka
  7. Preston Epps: Bongo Bongo Bongo
  8. Sagittarius: My World Fell Down
  9. The Yardbirds: I’m a Man
  10. The Shocking Blue: Venus
  11. The Beach Boys: Heroes and Villains
  12. Them: Baby Please Don’t Go
  13. Sonny and Cher: Baby Don’t Go
  14. The 13th Floor Elevators: You’re Gonna Miss Me
  15. Wilson Pickett: Funky Broadway
  16. The Animals: We Gotta Get Out of This Place
  17. The Crystals: Da Doo Ron Ron (When He Walked Me Home)
  18. Sly and the Family Stone: Hot Fun in the Summertime
  19. King Harvest: Dancing in the Moonlight
  20. The Doors: Light My Fire
  21. The Temptations: Papa Was a Rolling Stone
  22. The Rivieras: California Sun
  23. Edwin Starr: Agent Double-O-Soul
  24. Eddie Cochran: Summertime Blues
  25. The Murmaids: Popsicles and Icicles
  26. Bobby Darin: Splish Splash
  27. The Soul Survivors: Expressway to Your Heart

Son of Songs for People with Two Ears

10 December 2006

Because I can, again yet another collection of songs that are seldom heard in stereo, with yet another variation on the same cover art. This includes rather a lot of DES — “Digitally Extracted Stereo” — which is essentially fakery, but often really good fakery. One such (no points for guessing which one) actually made it to a commercial release.

Cover art, Wendex 111129-2Track listing for 111129-2:

  1. The Surfaris: Wipe Out
  2. Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich: Save Me
  3. The Crystals: He’s Sure the Boy I Love
  4. The Beach Boys: Help Me, Rhonda
  5. The Essex: A Walkin’ Miracle
  6. Procol Harum: A Whiter Shade of Pale
  7. Bill Justis: Raunchy
  8. The Zombies: She’s Not There
  9. The Dave Clark Five: Because
  10. Diane Renay: Kiss Me, Sailor
  11. The Marvelows: I Do
  12. Georgie Fame and the Blue Flames: Yeh, Yeh
  13. Jerry Butler and Betty Everett: Let It Be Me
  14. Leapy Lee: Little Arrows
  15. The Dixie Cups: Iko Iko
  16. Jimmy Reed: Big Boss Man
  17. Spencer Davis Group: I’m a Man
  18. Terry Stafford: Suspicion
  19. Senators Bobby and McKinley: Mellow Yellow
  20. Neil Diamond: You Got to Me
  21. Sam Cooke: Wonderful World
  22. Manfred Mann: Mighty Quinn (Quinn the Eskimo)
  23. Jorgen Ingmann: Apache
  24. The Ronettes: Do I Love You
  25. Herman’s Hermits: A Must to Avoid
  26. Ritchie Valens: Donna
  27. The Nashville Teens: Tobacco Road
  28. Thurston Harris: Little Bitty Pretty One
  29. The Champs: Tequila


28 March 2006

A customer wrote to a record company and sent me a drop copy, which I reproduce herein:

I recently bought the subject cd and found that many of the tracks were in mono. many of these mono tracks were played on the radio in stereo. can you explain why in this high tech age these tracks are in mono instead of stereo? I would have preferred to hear this in stereo as much as possible. I understand that recordings originally done in mono can not be made into stereo, but what of those that I’ve heard on radio in stereo?

I should point out here that the “subject cd” was a compilation by the Beach Boys, much of whose recorded oeuvre was released in mono or in (gag) “Duophonic” phonus-bolognus simulated stereo — because, we are reminded, Brian Wilson was deaf in one ear and mixed this stuff to mono because that’s all he could hear.

In the 1990s, for whatever reason, the group, or Brian himself, relented, and allowed some of these tracks to be remixed into stereo. The obvious place to begin was Pet Sounds, and a yummy box set was issued with both mono and remixed stereo versions, plus bits and pieces from the stage tapes. It was successful enough, decided Capitol, to allow further expeditions into the vaults, and the results have been generally successful — because they have the session tapes and therefore the capacity to remix them into proper stereo.

The operative word here is “proper,” keeping in mind that a good mono mix is always to be preferred to a bad stereo mix. I wrote about this at length some years ago and cited some examples of the latter. (Among the worst stereo mixes extant is the overechoed, ping-pongy “I Love You” by People — on Capitol, by coincidence — which becomes unlistenable long before the 4:35 running time is over.)

Still, if Capitol does have fresh new Beach Boys mixes available, why don’t they use them on all Beach Boys product? The answer, of course, can be found at the cash register: the number of people who can be sold any old Beach Boys compilation is far greater than the number of people who insist on hearing “Heroes and Villains” in stereo for once. And they’re not going to go back and remaster a CD that sold well just to punch in new tracks that Joe and Susan Sixpack may not recognize as new.

As for myself, I have accumulated a fair amount of uncommon (if not always “rare”) stereo, and I use it on my personal compilations most of the time, though there are reasons why I might not. Often it’s a question of length: staying with the Beach Boys for the moment, the stereo mix of “Fun, Fun, Fun” fades out almost 20 seconds earlier than the mono 45 version. And sometimes the stereo mix just rubs me the wrong way: Capitol redid the Outsiders (the US band) material for a compilation, and the vintage mixes, despite dubious placement — the lead vocal on “Time Won’t Let Me” falls hard left — somehow sounded more forceful than the more-conventionally-placed remix.

That said, though, I still get something of a kick when I hear something in stereo that I never thought I would. And to that extent, I have to sympathize with my (once-removed) correspondent.

Even More Songs for People with Two Ears

11 September 2005

And yet another collection of songs that are seldom heard in stereo, with yet another variation on the same cover art. (Actually, a few of these are seldom heard in any configuration these days.)

Cover art, Wendex 111075-2Track listing for 111075-2:

  1. The Kingsmen: Louie, Louie
  2. The Chiffons: He’s So Fine
  3. Dobie Gray: The “In” Crowd
  4. Vanity Fare: Early in the Morning
  5. Gene Chandler: Duke of Earl
  6. The Shangri-Las: Remember (Walkin’ in the Sand)
  7. Wilson Pickett: Mustang Sally
  8. Shades of Blue: Oh How Happy
  9. The Jive Five: My True Story
  10. Lorne Greene: Ringo
  11. Los Bravos: Bring a Little Lovin’
  12. Marcie Blane: Bobby’s Girl
  13. Arthur Alexander: Anna
  14. The Raindrops: The Boy You Can’t Forget
  15. Creedence Clearwater Revival: Proud Mary *
  16. Tommy James and the Shondells: I Think We’re Alone Now
  17. Gene and Debbe: Playboy
  18. Dusty Springfield: I Only Want to Be with You
  19. Ronnie Dove: Say You
  20. Bubble Puppy: Hot Smoke and Sasafrass
  21. The Marvelettes: BEechwood 4-5789
  22. The Beach Boys: God Only Knows
  23. Norma Tanega: Walking My Cat Named Dog
  24. Aaron Neville: Tell It Like It Is
  25. The McCoys: Hang On Sloopy
  26. Bernadette Carroll: Party Girl
  27. The Byrds: Mr. Tambourine Man
  28. The Jaynetts: Sally Go ‘Round the Roses
  29. The Rolling Stones: 19th Nervous Breakdown

* The original LP mix is stereo, but just barely; this mix is from the short-lived quadraphonic LP issue of Creedence Gold, folded down to two tracks by, um, me.

Still More Songs for People with Two Ears

9 September 2005

Yet another collection of songs that are seldom heard in stereo, with yet another variation on the same cover art.

Cover art, Wendex 111065-2Track listing for 111065-2:

  1. The Ronettes: Baby I Love You
  2. Donovan: Mellow Yellow
  3. Dion: Donna the Prima Donna
  4. The Beatles: I Should Have Known Better
  5. Nino Tempo and April Stevens: All Strung Out
  6. Three Dog Night: Joy to the World *
  7. The Hollies: I’m Alive
  8. The Fireballs: Bottle of Wine
  9. The Beach Boys: Wouldn’t It Be Nice
  10. Perez Prado and His Orchestra: Patricia
  11. Peter and Gordon: Woman
  12. Raspberries: Go All the Way
  13. The Rose Garden: Next Plane to London
  14. The Dave Clark Five: Glad All Over
  15. The Reflections: (Just Like) Romeo and Juliet
  16. Kyu Sakamoto: Sukiyaki
  17. Jimmy Soul: If You Wanna Be Happy
  18. Ritchie Valens: La Bamba
  19. Freddie and the Dreamers: Do the Freddie
  20. The Vogues: Five O’Clock World
  21. The Miracles: You’ve Really Got a Hold on Me
  22. Paul Revere and the Raiders: Kicks
  23. The Shangri-Las: Give Him a Great Big Kiss
  24. Whistling Jack Smith: I Was Kaiser Bill’s Batman
  25. The Halos: “Nag”
  26. Del Shannon: Little Town Flirt
  27. Martha and the Vandellas: Heat Wave

* With the proper guitar solo during the break, as on the 45.

More Songs for People with Two Ears

5 September 2005

Obviously a sequel to the first Two Ears disc, with the colors of the cover picture transmogrified. At the time, it seemed like stuff like this would be the bulk of my CD-R production.

Cover art, Wendex 111054-2Track listing for 111054-2:

  1. Dion and the Belmonts: I Wonder Why
  2. The Beatles: Boys
  3. Skip and Flip: Cherry Pie
  4. The Ronettes: Be My Baby
  5. Peter Sarstedt: Where Do You Go To My Lovely
  6. The Rolling Stones: Heart of Stone
  7. Brook Benton: Hit Record
  8. Tony Orlando: Bless You
  9. The Dave Clark Five: Can’t You See That She’s Mine
  10. The 4 Seasons: Dawn (Go Away)
  11. The Beatles: Please Please Me
  12. Chubby Checker: Loddy Lo
  13. David McWilliams: The Days of Pearly Spencer
  14. Charles Randolph Grean Sounde: Quentin’s Theme
  15. The Beach Boys: Kiss Me, Baby
  16. Zager and Evans: Mr. Turnkey *
  17. The Four Preps: More Money for You and Me
  18. Elvis Presley: Love Me Tender
  19. Les Cooper and the Soul Rockers: Wiggle Wobble
  20. The Rolling Stones: The Last Time
  21. The Brotherhood of Man: Where Are You Going To My Love
  22. Frankie Lymon and the Teenagers: I’m Not a Juvenile Delinquent
  23. Thee Prophets: Playgirl
  24. Lonnie Donegan: Does Your Chewing Gum Lose Its Flavor
  25. Tom Jones: What’s New Pussycat?
  26. The Beatles: Twist and Shout

* The followup to “In the Year 2525,” this is amazingly creepy. Further discussion here.

Songs for People with Two Ears

4 September 2005

This is the first CD-R I ever produced and decided to keep. The title indicates that all these tracks are in stereo; this matters because most of them are most commonly found in mono, when they’re found at all. The cover art is a mostly-unchanged template from Adaptec (later Roxio) Easy CD Creator, which I used for my earliest burns before switching to Nero; I added both the Wendex logo and a copy of the old 1960s Liberty Records “Visual Sound Stereo” tag.

Cover art, Wendex 111051-2Track listing for 111051-2:

  1. The Beatles: I Saw Her Standing There
  2. The Ronettes: Walking in the Rain
  3. The Rolling Stones: Time Is On My Side
  4. The Dave Clark Five: Bits and Pieces
  5. Bobby Darin: Dream Lover
  6. Simon and Garfunkel: You Don’t Know Where Your Interest Lies *
  7. Jackie DeShannon: What the World Needs Now Is Love
  8. The Beatles: Anna
  9. The Strangeloves: Cara-Lin
  10. The Marvelettes: Please, Mr. Postman
  11. Strawberry Alarm Clock: Sit with the Guru
  12. The Tempos: See You In September
  13. The Dave Clark Five: Try Too Hard
  14. The Beach Boys: California Girls
  15. Sandy Posey: I Take It Back
  16. The Rolling Stones: (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction
  17. The Beatles: Do You Want to Know a Secret
  18. The Crickets: Oh, Boy!
  19. The Troggs: Love Is All Around
  20. The Crystals: Then He Kissed Me
  21. The 4 Seasons: Let’s Hang On!
  22. The Bell Notes: I’ve Had It
  23. The Dave Clark Five: Catch Us If You Can
  24. Elvis Presley: Jailhouse Rock **
  25. The Tremeloes: Suddenly You Love Me
  26. The Beatles: I’m Happy Just to Dance with You
  27. The Byrds: Turn! Turn! Turn!

* B-side of “Fakin’ It,” never on an LP.
** From the motion-picture soundtrack as issued in stereo.