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Cleaning up the place

7 December 2008

With the arrival of WordPress 2.7, I figured I’d give the joint a bit of a facelift. It’s different, but not that different.

With thanks to the good Doctor

14 November 2008

Dr. Dave wrote the legendary Spam Karma plugin for WordPress, and while it was here it caught over 13,000 spams. He’s dropped development on SK, and with yet another new version of WordPress coming, maybe now’s the time to switch to something else. In the meantime, though, I thank Dave for all the work he put into this gizmo, and wish him well as he returns to Real Life.

Anthologizer’s block

19 October 2008

Admittedly, I haven’t come up with any new stuff in the better part of half a year, mostly because I’m having trouble coming up with Really Neat Ideas and I’d just as soon not grind out yet another sequel to one of the series already in place.

At the very least, I’d like to get 100 compilations done at some point. (I’m currently at 90.) I’ve learned over the years, though, that it’s impossible to force inspiration.

What we don’t do

13 September 2008

A number of folks have come through wondering how they could get their hands on some of this groovy Wendex stuff. The answer: they can’t, really. I’m not going to put myself in the position of having two thousand downloadable songs in the face of ongoing threats from, um, intellectual-property types.

Remember: this is here to show you what you can do by showing you what I, among the rankest of amateurs, have done. But it’s like a cookbook: you have to bring your own flour and eggs and such.

And yet another WP upgrade

18 August 2008

This time it’s 2.6.1. (I have learned not to mess with the .0 versions.)

Addendum: And by “2.6.1” we mean “2.6.2.”

Another step forward

6 April 2008

We’ve upgraded to WordPress 2.5. If you see anything that makes less sense than usual, please advise.

Addendum: And by “2.5” we mean “2.5.1.”

A market for this sort of thing

18 November 2007

Yes, really:

Mixaloo is a company which allows you to create mix tapes or playlists from music tracks on the web. You can share these mix tapes in your blogs or social networking profiles, when someone buys these tracks you will get paid from the sale. The current share is 50/50 between you and mixaloo. Creating playlists is free and you can create any number of playlists, but if your visitors or friends wants to hear them they have to buy these tracks.

You can search for artists, albums or tracks and select the tracks you want to add to the mix. Mixaloo has around 3 million songs in their catalog so you have better chance of finding your favorite music tracks.

It took about an hour to assemble 15 tracks from the Mixaloo library, and about thirty seconds to hack together a piece of artwork. I really don’t expect anyone to shell out $14.85 (which is, by coincidence, 99 cents per track) for this mishmash, but what the heck. The results are on the sidebar. You’ll need Windows Media Player 9 or higher.

And yet another upgrade

13 August 2007

WordPress 2.2.2 is now in place. (When we get to 6.6.6, maybe I’ll get worried.)

One further step

23 June 2007

WordPress 2.2.1 is now installed. Please advise if you notice anything weirder than usual.

Buy your own damn links

20 February 2007

This past week has seen an absolutely astonishing uptick in bogus TrackBacks. Spam Karma 2 is duly shuffling them off to Buffalo, as it should, but I do wish these people would go back to fellating farm animals and leave us bloggish types alone.