Twenty-two thumping hits by the Dave Clark Five. Clark owns his own masters, and doesn’t let them out onto the market very often, so I figured I ought to have a compilation of my own. Rather a lot of these are taken from stereo vinyl in preference to mono CD issues. The plane? Well, it was a big deal when the Five had their own aircraft for a US tour back in the day, though it certainly wasn’t this plane, which is in fact a DC6.

Cover art, Wendex 111096-2Track listing for 111096-2 (all tracks by the Dave Clark Five):

  1. Glad All Over
  2. Bits and Pieces
  3. Do You Love Me
  4. Can’t You See That She’s Mine
  5. Because
  6. Everybody Knows (I Still Love You)
  7. Any Way You Want It
  8. Come Home
  9. Reelin’ & Rockin’
  10. I Like It Like That
  11. Catch Us If You Can
  12. Having a Wild Weekend
  13. Over and Over
  14. At the Scene
  15. All Night Long
  16. Try Too Hard
  17. Please Tell Me Why
  18. Satisfied with You
  19. Nineteen Days
  20. I’ve Got to Have a Reason
  21. You’ve Got What It Takes
  22. Everybody Knows

3 Responses to “DC5”

  1. dustbury.com Says:

    That Tottenham sound…

    It took long enough, but the Dave Clark Five are finally being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame — though poor Mike Smith, DC5 vocalist and keyboard player, won’t make it to the ceremony: yesterday he died……

  2. hank Says:

    please can you tell me how to find the download links

  3. CGH Says:

    There aren’t any download links: this site is intended merely to suggest possible mixes.