One Word

Songs with a single word for a title. The one word most pertinent to the cover (apart from “Wow”) is Cantrece®.

Cover art, Wendex 111087-2Track listing for 111087-2:

  1. The Beatles: Help!
  2. Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young: Ohio
  3. Freddy Cannon: Action
  4. The Pointer Sisters: Fire
  5. ZZ Top: Tush
  6. Pilot: Magic
  7. Terry Stafford: Suspicion
  8. U2: Desire
  9. Elvis Presley: Don’t *
  10. Paul Revere and the Raiders: Kicks
  11. Van Halen: Jump
  12. Peggy Lee: Fever
  13. Cream: Badge
  14. John Stewart: Gold
  15. Dee Clark: Raindrops
  16. Dee Dee Sharp: Ride
  17. Gary Numan: Cars
  18. Five Man Electrical Band: Signs
  19. The Presidents of the United States of America: Lump
  20. Del Shannon: Runaway
  21. Redeye: Games
  22. Aretha Franklin: Think
  23. Edwin Starr: War
  24. Sly and the Family Stone: Stand!
  25. Little Willie John: Sleep
  26. Bee Gees: Tragedy

* Okay, it’s a contraction. So what?

2 Responses to “One Word”

  1. Says:

    So hard to bear…

    Terry Teachout was twelve when he first heard Peggy Lee’s take on Otis Blackwell’s “Fever,” and this was the result: Peggy Lee taught me all about sex. I was twelve……

  2. » Another Word Says:

    […] The sequel to the original One Word contains more songs with a title consisting of, yes, one word. The young lady’s hosiery, if I remember correctly, is Holeproof®. It is perhaps noteworthy that the two acts represented on both discs are Dee Dee Sharp and ZZ Top. […]